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Staffing and Recruiting Service

We offer employment & work related services 

Community Driven

"We are essentially the 'Match Makers' of the Employment Industry. We match the right Employee with the right Employer!" 

                                         Paula Nelson

There are many benefits to working with our Agency.  By offering you a temporary or permanent employee who has already been through a stringent series of interviews and tests to make sure he or she is ready for the job we save you time and resources. If we don't have on hand what you are looking for we will recruit a qualified individual.

Our Agency plays a vital role in helping our Pacific Northwest economy grow. We easily provide you a great resource, which is why businesses in many industries are turning to us, not only for permanent placement options but also to our temporary options because we work well with the internal HR of your company to make sure we are sourcing the best candidates for the job.


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